• Why does the cooler have bias flow? I’ll show you the reason for the bias flow of the cooler!

    The cooler is widely used in production and plays a good role in heat exchange in production. However, many friends will find that the cooler will have bias flow in the process of use. What is the reason? Today, Xiaobian will take you to uncover the causes of cooler bias. One of the reasons for c...
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  • Information About RTIC 45L ODM Roto-Molded coolers

    Our product RTIC 45L ODM Roto-Molded coolers Rotational molding technology has a long durability, good sealing and leakage protection. USES the food grade linear low density polyethylene material. Non-toxic, environmental protection, have heat resistant and cold resistant and corrosion resistant ...
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  • Let you have a deep understanding of our product sweeper

    Let you have a deep understanding of our product sweeper

    Rotational mold is made of wrought aluminium, casting aluminum which is easy heat conduction. The product is heated evenly which can reduce scrap rate during production. The wall thickness of the rotational mold is maintained to 10mm-11mm. In the production process, it can be heated quickly and c...
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  • The reefer container market has grown substantially in the next few years and will exceed the dry goods market

    The reefer container market has grown substantially in the next few years and will exceed the dry goods market

    According to a new analysis by global shipping consulting firm Drewry predicts that despite the limited growth of the reefer container market in 2019, the field will maintain strong growth in the next few years. In 2019, the number of reefer containers increased by 1.7% to 130.5 million tons, whi...
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  • What are the quality differences and common points between PU and EPS insulation materials for incubators

    Is it better to use PU or EPS for the insulation of the incubator?  Today, let’s take a look at the quality difference and commonalities between PU and EPS insulation materials for incubators. First of all, we need to understand what we are buying the incubator for. If it is used to store some im...
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  • The benefits of household coolers

    Above all, household freezer cent is two kinds, one kind is to do not have frost, one kind is to have frost. The frost-free refrigerator is a full air – cooled frost-free freezer, 365 days without defrosting, saving time and effort. Its advantages mainly have three points :1, the whole year...
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  • brand new high-quality cooler box

    Are you still worried that food will go bad when you participate in outdoor activities? Then, this brand new high-quality freezer is your ideal choice. This outdoor cooler is undoubtedly your good companion. It is made of reliable LLPD and PU and can maintain the required temperature for a long t...
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  • The advantages of refrigerators and our advantages

    Our 50QT cooler box has the structure of high-efficiency heat insulation and environmental protection box. It is made of Pu thermal insulation material with the best heat insulation performance made by the middle layer integrated foam molding process, with large thickness and good heat insulation...
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  • The fighting force will our effective driving force

    The fighting force will our effective driving force

    Starting in January 2020, an infectious disease called “Novel Coronavirus Infection Outbreak Pneumonia” has occurred in Wuhan, China. The epidemic touched the hearts of people all over the world, in the face of the epidemic, Chinese people up and down the country, are actively fightin...
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  • The History of Rotational Moulding

       Rotational moulding has had a long history of development dating back to the Egyptians who used rotational casting processes for creating ceramics. Moulding processes were used hundreds of years ago by the Swiss to make hollow chocolate eggs.     In more recent times, somewhere between 1940 an...
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  • Applications of rotational molding

    With the rotational molding industry has little by little matured, rotational molding products with their own corrosion  resistance, toughness, strong and durable, energy saving, recyclable, green and many other advantages, at home and abroad  has made a wide range of applications. Compared with ...
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  • The rotational mold

    At present, most of the mold used for the rotomolding industry are the aluminum mold and steel mold, the mold is a very thin shell structure, this design can make the heat source quickly transferr through the mold to the rotomolding powder.With the development of rotomolding industry miniaturizat...
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